WHMCS Iugu Credit Card

Transparent Credit Card Gateway Payment in WHMCS

Perform credit card transactions transparently with the WHMCS Iugu PRO Credit Card module.

The WHMCS Iugu PRO Credit Card Module is a payment module for the Iugu intermediary that enables the use of the credit Credit card payment method transparently within the WHMCS.

Enhance your customer’s purchasing experience on WHMCS with the Iugu PRO Credit Card. With this module, your customers will make the payment through credit card transparently and without redirection.

In addition to the transparent payment, have all the power of the WHMCS recurrence of payments integrated with Iugu. The WHMCS Iugu PRO Credit Card module enables you to perform automatic recurring billing on your customer’s credit card directly through WHMCS. Receive invoices up-to-date and have all the billing and capturing power and flexibility that WHMCS has integrated into your Iugu account.

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Main Features

  • Transparent payment by credit card, without customer redirection;

  • Complete integration with native WHMCS credit card capture capabilities;

  • No need to modify the theme;

  • Credit Card Tokenization (DDS PCI Compliance);

  • Automatic remote capture of invoices on their due date;

  • Credit card expiration notification;

  • Modification and updating of the credit card (by the customer area and also by the administrative area);

  • Token update when credit card is updated;

  • Chargeback of refunded invoices;

  • Chargeback de faturas reembolsadas (em breve)

  • Automatic refund of the charge for the refund of the product(s)/service(s);

  • charge on international credit cards (comming soon);


With WHMCS Iugu Cartão PRO Gateway Module, you will be able to provide a better shopping experience to your customer by reducing the steps and redirections required to complete the order. Your customer will have the payment approved immediately upon completion of the order, in a simple and transparent checkout.


Capture customer invoices automatically through the WHMCS remote capture feature. The WHMCS Iugu Cartão PRO Gateway Module enables automatic capture of invoice/billing values transparently for customers who have chosen to pay by credit card. Capture is accomplished in two ways: at the time of the CRON task call of the WHMCS, capturing invoices that are within the expiration date and manual capture through the administrator interface.


The WHMCS Iugu Cartão PRO Gateway Module utilizes all the power of WHMCS in managing credit card data. Like it, it is possible for your customer to update the data of the card in a simple way by the area of the client or even the administrator, accessing the profile of the user.

at no time will it be possible to view or retrieve the actual data of the credit card thanks to the tokenization feature.


The WHMCS Iugu Cartão PRO Module has been developed following the rules and regulations for storing sensitive credit card data based on PCI-DSS. The module is based on the tokenization feature available at Iugu for the generation of a single, unidentifiable and encrypted token at the time of the customer’s card insertion.

The tokenization allows the use of data securely cardholder and standards compliant with the PCI-DSS. The basic concept is to send the customer’s card data directly from his browser to Iugu and then get back a token representing the card in question.

Additional Resources

  • Synchronization of WHMCS customer data in Iugu for storage and management of payments and forms of payment;

  • Update of registration data from the WHMCS client to Iugu;

  • Synchronize data from existing WHMCS clients to Iugu;

  • Activation of sandbox mode for integration tests;

  • Enable use of test credit cards (sandbox mode)


In addition to the transparent credit card checkout, the WHMCS Iugu Cartão PRO Gateway Module has the registration and synchronization functionality of the WHMCS client data directly on the Iugu platform, enabling the management of invoices and payments issued in a simple and automated way.


  • Transparent Payments
  • Full Integration
  • No Theme Changes
  • Automatic Remote Capture

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